Why a career in Insurance?


Insurance is not just a client-facing sector, although there are many brokers, underwriters and loss adjusters helping to write business and deal with the impact of a major event on businesses, face to face. There are also many back-office roles in risk modeling, claims, and business analysis, including actuarial and data science. And for those who prefer examining data-driven situations and helping client-facing colleagues to make the right decisions for the business.

One important point to keep in mind is that the role you do at the start of your career within insurance does not have to define the rest of it. People may start in a claims role but then move to underwriting, or loss adjusting, or a business analyst or support role and then also over to Broking where more opportunity where skills mentioned early can be utilised and further career opportunities captured.

It is easy to have several careers in the insurance sector, no day, week, month or year will ever be the same in an insurance career. The industry is enormous and incredibly varied, with jobs to suit every personality type and almost every skill set. If you love helping people, insurance is for you. If you’re the analytical, investigative type, insurance is for you.