06 Apr 08:00 by Daniel Marsh


COVID-19 Impacts businesses. CIS and Blake Oliver News


From the CIS partnering program.


CIS have identified that Coronavirus is now having a number of serious impacts on business. One of these is cyber security. The impact of security on businesses having to send their staff home to work presents a serious cyber risk as countless unsecured devices connect back to business systems.


Reports are beginning to show cyber-criminal increased target focus to maximise on this crisis.


As an example - there has been a rise in phishing emails masquerading as the WHO, showing increased phishing targeting which can impact back to businesses as more and more people return to homes to work, and now connect back into their work environments from unsecured home networks.


CIS (Cyber Indemnity Solutions) Director of cyber security stated that – ‘If the home network is not sufficiently secured, chances are it will have poor security, and it will pose a significant cyber risk to businesses”.


There is an immediate remedy for this. Secure the endpoints of each device at home, remediate any malware that may already be there,  lowering the possibility that the home will be exploited as a launchpad into businesses by nefarious actors. This can be immediately applied in a couple of minutes by downloading the advanced AI driven security from CIS which monitors and stops all intrusive malware attempts to infect and reports immediately that it was done.


CIS and Blake Oliver as partners in cyber security and cyber insurance solutions recommend immediate attention to this widening risk status.


As trusted partners of CIS, Blake Oliver provides access to all security and insurance services across the insurance industry for delivery to broker networks and their clients and similar in other sectors. Brokers need to immediately notify their clients recommending clients act now to secure the home environment to secure the work place.