Recruitment Scope


We invest time in getting to know and understand our clients. By visiting your offices, we have the opportunity to take in the physical location, observe staff engagement, get a sense of company culture, identify with management vision and hear inspiring success stories of people rising through the company ranks. This insight into your business, coupled with our in-depth knowledge of the insurance industry, enables us to source select candidates who are well suited for your open position, on all levels.

Our consultants fully understand our clients’ hiring criteria, therefore thoroughly examine and pre-qualify all candidates before presenting them for consideration. Our insight into our client’s business, our in-depth knowledge of the Australian insurance industry, and our candidate screening process enables us to source and present candidates who are well suited for our client's open positions. Our mandate is to source and recruit roles on a collaborative basis across Australia. We provide outstanding talent and work with clients with the view to place talent into existing and newly created roles.

We have the capability and resources to recruit the following areas of your business;

·         Insurance Specific Vacancies

·         Sales

·         Finance

·         Human Resources

·         Information Technology

·         C-Suite, Executive

·         Administration

·         Call Centre